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Webinar on Competition and Merger Control in SE Asia


We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our recent joint webinar, “Investing in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam: Navigating Competition and Merger Control Laws” between Tilleke & Gibbins and VA Partners. This informative session was held on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024, attracting a diverse group of participants eager to deepen their understanding of the burgeoning competition laws landscape in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The webinar featured insightful presentations from esteemed competition law experts—Jay Cohen, Kobkit Thienpreecha, Tram Nguyen, Duong Duy Nguyen, Nutavit Sirikan, and Sochanmalisphoung Vannavuth—as well as VA Partners’ experts—Dr. Pacharasut Sujarittanonta and Dr. Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul. Their combined expertise illuminated the complexities of the competition laws landscape and the evolving merger control regulation within these dynamic emerging markets.

The high level of interest and engagement from participants underscores the importance of understanding the legal nuances that come with investing in these countries. The discussions were rich and informative, covering a range of topics, especially economic analyses in competition matters, crucial for investors looking to navigate the regulatory environments effectively.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Tilleke & Gibbins, all the distinguished speakers for their invaluable insights, and to all the participants for their active involvement. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events from VA Partners as we continue to provide expert insights into the legal and economic aspects of competition laws and merger control in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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VA Partners Spearheads Strategic Insights in EU-Thailand FTA Negotiations


In the dynamic arena of international trade, VA Partners, a premier law and economic consulting firm based in Bangkok, is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement (FTA). As Thailand positions itself as the EU’s 4th largest trading partner in Southeast Asia, this renegotiation is a landmark opportunity, and VA Partners is at the forefront of ensuring that it is a success.

The expertise of VA Partners has been instrumental in highlighting key areas of focus such as competition policy, data privacy, human rights implications, and environmental provisions. This comprehensive approach is not just about forging a trade deal; it’s about creating a sustainable and responsible framework for international commerce. VA Partners’ in-depth research and strategic recommendations are guiding negotiators to consider broader impacts across 151 countries.

VA Partners’ insightful analysis emphasizes the need for competition clauses that promote fair practices and foster international cooperation. Simultaneously, the firm advocates for an environmental chapter in the FTA that is meaningful and avoids unnecessary trade barriers, with human rights as a central pillar in shaping competition policy.

This involvement of VA Partners in the EU-Thailand FTA negotiations underscores their commitment to developing trade relationships that are not only economically beneficial but also socially and environmentally responsible. VA Partners continues to set the standard for consultancy excellence, proving that their strategic insights are invaluable in the global economic landscape.


VA Partners Triumphs with Landmark M&A Transaction in Thailand Enegy Sector


VA Partners recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully obtaining regulatory approval for a client’s merger, which stands as one of the largest M&A transactions in Thailand. The deal, set in the intricate landscape of the energy sector, posed a multitude of challenges. To navigate these complexities, VA Partners conducted intensive and rigorous substantive analysis, demonstrating their exceptional expertise and strategic acumen. This achievement not only highlights the firm’s capability in handling high-stakes transactions but also cements our position as a leader in economic and legal consultancy.